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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I have just been born

In the spread of last night
A silent display of God’s light
Turned inside out
Raised to great heights
I have just been born

In morning smiles
And sleepy goodbyes
Your loving hug
And my coffee mug
I have just been born

Ordained and on time
Today, all mines
And the mystery of it all
Is that God knows it all

And that the beauty of this moment
Though yesterday is gone
Is that I have just been born

Yet the victory is still to come
Because tomorrow, my birth will come

Before 07:30am – 13/06/05
It was a beautiful day when I wrote this piece, everything left me feeling brand new - I am sharing this with myself - more than anyone else - because the elevating effect of the day this piece was put together is most definetly needed today!


Anonymous Mngani wakho eThekweni said...

Your beauty (inside & out) leaves me breathless.

Uyashisa MaZungu!

10:47 am  

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