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Sunday, January 29, 2006


I just got off the phone with a friend of mine - My Earthling. Our friendship is as unique as the souls that keep it together, our union is as necessary as the honesty that holds it firm and our commitment is as strong as the affection that flames it to life. We are friends.

She re-writes my book on friendships, she reminds me of why I am so fascinated by humanity. She is a friend of mine. The poem EARTHLING was inspired by our friendship - and to this day, every line, every word is a true reflexion and a true expression of all that we call our friendship - our Earthling. She takes me away and brings me right back to a place where living becomes a blessing. She raises my hopes and erases my worries because when I am with her, I am with purpose, I am with hope, I am with every possibility that living brings to those that are alive.

Her face I do not know but her friendship is inscribed in the patterns of my palm. Her voice is coded in the waves of my hearing. Her presence is dined in the comfort of my heart.

To visit her world, I never have to leave mines out. To give her comfort, I never trade my own. She applause my prosperity as she reproves my impurities. She is honest as she is caring, she is opened even when she intends to be closed. Into her house of heart, I have travelled so freely that the corners of her discomfort have become ordinary to my eyes. Yet the beauty of her friendship still remains my favourite site. She is my friend and I, her friend.

We dwell in the comfort of our friendship and so we call it EARTHLING!

To her, I dedicate this poem:


Take me through the waves of life
Teaching me what you have learnt
As you learn what I teach
And we will both expand into the fullness of this friendship
Sharing the comfort of companionship

Play me a song with sweet notes of honesty
So we can dance under the sun in pure majesty
Letting the pains of our past escape naturally
As we bare our truth explicitly

Because it is in your comfort that I find goodness
And in my goodness, that you find comfort

So arouse my curiosity with layers of your personality
And I will melt your attention with my poetic confessions
Giving birth to earthling – our new friendship

By: Zama “MaZungu” Zungu
August 2005


Blogger oblacic said...

wow..your songs are really great...thank you because you have visited my blog..you are very nice:)

5:57 pm  
Blogger AfroFeminista said...

Thanks for stopping by mine. These are very lovely words. . .it does describe my own friendship with one who is dear and near to my heart:)

7:33 am  

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