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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Gratitude (The Poem - My freedom days)

I was not joking when I said yesterday was love making day…IT WAS!
I had the most wonderful evening, filled with incredible love, amazing company, good food, great shooters, hilarious movie and body tingling love making
(As in loooooveeeee making he he he)

We went on a double date with these beautiful friends of ours, was served by a wonderful waitress, tried blow jobs (shooters) for the first time –A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and went home to watch monster in-law – then sealed the evening with a second round of mind, body and soul loving …what an amazing time we had.

It’s sad how we wait for moments to pass before we can quantify them and value them for what they are worth. I don’t have my degree yet, I have not seen any of my published work, I have not been to Zambia, I have not driven a 6.5 second car and yet in this normality I call life, there are so many blessings, so many exhilarating moments, so many gifts that this too is my grand time. So I won’t wait for that Degree (Unisa is too slow), I won’t wait for that car (budget too low) to say thank God for the 2nd of August 1982 – I will say it now and I will say it LOUD.




If the stars were painted fresh every evening
And the moon opened wider every night
Would this life be better than now?

If names were chosen before parents even met
And children were frozen in the image of their maker
Would the future look brighter than it does?

I don’t imagine better days because I love life’s flight
I don’t anticipate sudden change because I live in every night.
So if change and imagination were out of the way
Would we look and learn to love these freedom days
Or would we create brand new reasons not to celebrate
; But to manipulate this awesome life.

- MaZungu
20 May 2005


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