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Thursday, January 26, 2006

I continue to LIVE!

So I finally put up a real picture of myself, guess I needed to get to a place where I own this woman's world enough to put my face on it...I am hoping to add more pics of my world during the course of next week - you will get a visual of what all this blah blah blah is all about.

I am very blessed to have a space where I can share my thoughts, my perspective and my experience. There is so much more going on than this space has yet revealed but as our relationship grows I will open more and more, to a point where you get to here sob stories even he he he

I have had a wonder-filled life, from the time I was old enough to call it that. I've learnt many lessons and met wonderful people, I've tried new things and failed a few. I've changed my mind and even my image but in all that, I continued to carry the awareness that all of it adds up to what I call MY LIFE.

It's my belief that we are born complete (enough) but that living becomes the way in which we grow into who we essentially are. Meaning to me, finding myself means discovering the expanse of Zama Zungu, growing into who I fully and essentially am. So the feminine queen I was in 2002 is still this butch-like chick I carry myself as today. The mistakes I made in year 2000 are counted together with the A's I obtained for my BCom exams in 2003...it's all who (what) I am and owning it is owning myself. I own every second, minute, hour, day and month of my 23 years, even the ones I'd be just fine if I forgot. And that belief, that conviction, that truth allows me to carry myself every where I go - whether it is in the boardroom with my MD and some of his board of Directors or whether it's in a party with people I have never met before. I carry ME! And that is why I love the experience of living ... blue mondays or funky fridays - this moment is my life!

I spent much of my teenagehood being a dreamer, mostly because I was trying to escape the reality that to me, did not measure up to how I had designed it in my head. And so I spent a lot of my life dreaming about life...in the process, I missed out on living. Blessedly for me, I woke up early enough to change course and try again because I realized that life (real life) has so much to offer, but it all begins when you start living. If today is here for just one day, how much time do I have to live it and if it's not much, how can I waste it. So I vowed to live today and to love it!

Now I am learning to play, laugh,seek, discover, learn, yearn, plan, dream,breath, connect...to do it all but to do it living. Because today is only a day! and if I miss it - I miss it all! And if this is the only life I know (of) for sure, why not live it!

So yes, I plan, I budget, I organise, I strategize and then I remember to "Plan all you must just remember that before, during and after all that planning – you must continue to live.”

And so today, I continue to LIVE!

Just sharing!




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