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Monday, January 16, 2006

Poetry is in good hands

Welcome to 2006, may you be filled with ernomouse gratitude for seeing the face of this year. I trust that you have resolved your issues with 2005 and if none, you were blessed.
It's been 2 weeks into the year and already I have tons to be grateful for...I'll refer a lot to gratitude as I have resolved for 2006 to be my year of gratitude! Beginning with...

Today I was blessed with a copy of Lebo Mashile’s Ribbon of Rhythm …what took me so long…I know.
Going through it left me so satisfied that if Poetry was a Country, I would insist that she be the President. To rephrase it…her work makes me say…

Contemporary poetry has faced its fair share of scrutiny and doubt in the heavy circles of the know-it-all, with comments that contemporary poetry compromises on artistry in order to fit into nowawadays. These comments aroused my interest in poetry even more but on the other hand left me wondering, just why we sometimes have the tendency to own parts of nature that was never created for ownership but rather to strike fellowship between humanity, God and nature. Poetry is not mines to hold with fearful hands against all my children, in the scare that they will destroy it. Poetry is not mines to snatch away from my Grandmothers hands in the fear that she will dull it. Poetry is a spirit with a life and a purpose of her own, owning her…is grieving her.

So I am blessed to be born in the times of Poetry through Lebo Mashile and I look forward to all lessons the spirit of Poetry has been sent to share.

May this year be a year of gratitude.

In all its splendor, with its brightness and its darkness…thank God for 2005



Blogger kojo said...

Hey Zama, thanks for comment. Nice blog. Lebo does represent a guiding light in the growth of contemporary poetry. The journey is long and the challenges many, but that makes it so much fun (in between the moments of madness).

Have you got a copy of Lebo's CD? That is also a must-have. Don't know if you are in contact with her... let me know and I will find out whether it is available in KZN yet.

5:53 pm  

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