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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


It’s been love making weather for 2 days now…at some point you just have to comply! And so today is love making day for me…am not just referring to getting fresh, I’m talking about feeling, sharing and showing some body some good loving today. And in my case, a beautiful Sister named Jaz – (Name changed to protect identity he he he)

Jaz is a beautiful brown skin, brown eyed Sister who has been loving, encouraging, supporting and reviving this child called me for the past year and some good months! And it is because of that that YOU was born; my first and best love poem. Read and re-read every line, then you too will know that surely GOD LOVES ME!


Your tenderness when your patient heart takes me in
Makes the doors of my heart swing open
It’s not that you have opened me
But the comfort of your smile and the sweetness of your heart
Have spoken me down to that place where I need not be afraid.

I wasn’t looking – no I wasn't hoping but you gave it to me anyway
I released my prisoned smile when you took that look at me
I realized my joyful soul, when you began to laugh with me
I would not have thought because I would not have guessed
That the sweetness of your simplicity could cause the goodness of my trinity
My Mind, my Heart and my Spirit to rise into yet another moment

You do not make me happy
Instead you remind me everyday that happiness rests in the pillars of my core
You remind me every day that joyfulness is the story of my soul

You tell me a story of simple laughs each time you smile
You simplify a gipsy puzzle every time you laugh
And somehow in that moment you call life
I find a miracle…

I thought love gave up on me
But that day when you loved me opened
And my truth oozed out of me in the tears that carried my fears
That night when you loved me to the moon
And filled me with you yang tenderness
‘Till I moaned my pleasure into a melody
I realized that love did not give up on me
But that I… gave up on me …when I gave up on love.

Surely God loves me
Because He stitches infinite patterns of love, life and laughs every time you’re near me.

> 11-10-04


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