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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Be Free

Caged bird be free
Caged bird thats me

Who put those bars around you
Who summoned you to sit
Who placed your dreams in a frame
Like memories of the dead

Caged bird be free
Caged bird thats me

Potential they say you've got
Essential for any flight
But why mould your wings with wax
avoiding to reach your max

For a life of fortune or a life a fame
Whatever you grab will be your game
Instead of fantasies or dreams (you call them)
Let yourself loose, set yourself free
Caged bird be free
Caged bird thats me

Dreamers are citizens in their own minds
Until they strip off all fear's bind
To find a song a poem or dance
That will be enough to give them a chance

Caged bird be free
…Caged bird thats me

30 April 2004


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Wonderful words,nice writing I really,really enjoy your works

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