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Monday, March 13, 2006

Black River

Black River
Where do you follow and can I come too
You wash past issues of misrepresented childhood
You rush past rocks of trials and tribulations
Same spirit same grace, you flow to the next village

Black River
Where do you follow and can I come too
Your streams flow too heavily for my African pace
Your streams are too bold for this ocean to hold
So you pass broken hearts broken paths and fallen strangers
Who once delighted in the company of your Devine

Black River
You amaze me in the mad hours of twilight
Black River
With no fears just life from pure sunlight

I’ve seen your strokes as you lay it past my days
Meditated on your arrogance or misunderstood grace
You’ve carried my heart though ridges of pain
And reminded my spirit to let the tear drop rain
Cause whether in love or lies this river still flows
And washes my feet off this life with no breath
Dead soil beneath my feet

Flow Black River flow
What would they think
if you ever lost your glow

- MaZungu


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