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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Keeping your company is no longer enough
Accepting the carefully selected servings of you
Leaves me starved
The half-measured cuts of you
Expose my naked longing to be with you
Truly BE with you…inside and around you

I secretly fear that I will always be open to you
Quietly inhaling more of your sweet subtle scent
Religiously letting go, and yet keeping for myself
Only as much as desire demands

And so I command, right here – right now
That the washing of the stains of my want BE DONE
I demand that this forbidden fabric
Be hanged out dry for the sun to soak
Leaving me with the fresh feel of freedom
From a feeling I never chose

Let it be false
That I will always secretly want that much of you
I can never want out loud
Let it be false.

September 2005

Nothing is as piercing as silent longing - for love, for peace, for freedom...silent longing takes the soul to silent death.


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