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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Woman of soul

Oh Woman of soul
Can you see what is happening to you?
Yes Woman of soul
Look deep within you

Your pain is painted with blood
Thick clots of blood bleeding from self-hood

Your tears fall with hate
Self-despising rage covering your identity

Explain yourself Woman of soul
Explain yourself so I can understand you

Defend yourself Woman of soul
Defend yourself so I cannot hurt you

Expose yourself Woman of soul
Expose yourself so I may see you

Define yourself Woman of soul
Define yourself so I may know you

Was it for love that you lied or did shame get you first
Was it in fear that you lived, backed up behind a lonely fist

I see you Woman of soul
In words written in your memory
But you are dying Woman of soul
And your walls are falling off your sanctuary

They or you – who filled your body with death,
You or me – who kissed away your life,

Long live this Woman of soul
In hips enlarged by Africanism
Long live this Woman of soul
In leaps taken through femininity

Long live… oh sweet soulful woman
Long live your soul

14 March 2006

Inspired by the work of Zanele Muholi


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